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To Skin

Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbors!

In my search for a poem of gratitude today, I came across “To Skin” (which I wrote some years ago but don’t believe I ever made public—at least not here). It reminds us of one thing we have to be grateful for which, though all around us, is easy to take for granted.


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To Skin

Here’s to you
millimeter-thin layer cake
dermis, epidermis, hypodermis
dyed in the color of my race.

So tidily you enfold
crimson river of blood
yellow fat, pink muscle
grey bone, palette of reds—
burgundy liver to scarlet lung.

Body-sized organ of translucent turf
you possess an intelligence
that knows the difference
between lips and soles
lids and ears,
multi-tasks the switchboard
of smooth and rough, blazing and frigid
thrill and ouch, burn and itch.

Impervious to water
soft armor against malevolent
microbe and virus
yet vulnerable,
you blush
under sun and wind
bleed when cut
shrivel and distort when burned
swell, sweat, weep, toughen
discolor and scar.
Plump and smooth when new
you age into crepe, wrinkles, folds
jowls, doubles, triples and aprons
but still you blanket and protect.

So here’s to you
my lifetime-guaranteed
layer of cling-wrap,
and, till I reach eternity,
outline of my dust-to-dust

© 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

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A birthday poem

Two little people in my family have birthdays this month. I set out a couple of weeks ago, after we’d spent some time with these littles this summer (they live far away from us), to write a birthday poem for each. Well, I got one written, and then a long break and finally last week, wrote the second one. I spent some delicious hours yesterday using Comic Life to combining my writing with photos. Today those poems, mounted on stiff paper, are going in the mail. I’m sharing one with you today. I hope you enjoy this poem for my 6-year-old grandson.

David 1

David 2

“David” © 2015 by Violet Nesdoly (All Rights Reserved)

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What can you do with a bathtub?

Bathtub seat


Bathtub is the perfect place
wash your elbows, hair and face

When the shower lever’s on
grit and sweat are quickly gone

You could also use your tub
wash your puppy or your cub

Fill with water and it floats
fleet of origami boats

Giant vat for washing blinds
stamping grapes and making wine

Soak your dirty pots and dishes
Make a home for tropic fishes

When you know without a doubt
bathtub’s wrecked and all worn out

trash truck loads it with a thump
takes it to the local dump

for retired tub retool
mouse’s rink or swimming pool

– Violet Nesdoly


I wrote this poem a few years ago in response to a writing prompt. It’s fun to compose ode-like verses about objects. I was going to do a whole series, but never got past writing three or four. (Oh well, at least I have those few!)

This poem is submitted to Poetry Friday, hosted this week by the lovely Betsy at Teaching Young Writers. Oops a correction… hosted by the über-talented Amy at The Poem Farm.




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