Monday Morning Prayer

09 Aug

Lord, I put the hours of this week
like loves and fishes
into Your hands.
Multiply each crumb of time.
Help me hear Your voice
above the babble of the crowd
saying, “Sit, don’t stand.
Here, eat this food of trust and peace
that lasts and satisfies eternally.”
And when all tasks are done
there will be time left over
because You’ve multiplied
my loaves and fishes.

© 2004 by Violet Nesdoly

Posted by on August 9, 2010 in Personal, Religious


2 responses to “Monday Morning Prayer

  1. Loretta

    August 13, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Hi Violet, My sympathies to you & family. I was just wanting to feel a little connected, so checked facebook just now; (am babysitting our sweet little Haven in Chwk again while Vic helps at painting our daughter’s “new’ fixer upper house). We were in a multiple-stress situation like yours when our kids were tee nagers and my mom was dying with cancer. I still remember it quite well, and how I felt “carried” by the prayers of others! I pray for you God’s peace and strength and comfort. In Isaiah 46:3&4 God promises to carry us all thru our lives. Love, Loretta
    PS. I love your prayer


  2. vnesdoly

    August 14, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Thanks, Loretta! I didn’t know this about your history. Good thing such events rarely come in multiples like this. We very much appreciate your prayers, especially for brother Loyd.



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